Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Hacks: Banana Hanger

I don't know why i didn't think about doing this earlier!

For anyone who eats banana's, banana stands are awesome. It hangs the banana like nature intended, so you don't get the brusing you normally get when you keep them in a bowl or on the counter. However, they cost ~$10-20 and they take up valuable counter-top space. For a small apt like mine, you need all the kitchen prep surface you can get! Here's an easy <$1 solution, a mug hook (package of 4 for $0.97) from Walmart! Drilled a hole into the cupboard above my sink, screw it in and ta-ta! done!

tip: don't get the cup hooks, they're too small.


Andrew said...

just letting u know that your bananas are ROTTING

Monkey said...

Bah, brown spots means it's ripe and sweet. It's perfect!
Note: a few days later some of the bananas fell right off the hook from degradation.

LINDA! said...

yeah... those bananas need to be turned into banana bread.

Remember the time when you tried to make a strainer? Where you swung the thing around on a rope, and it broke? ha ha ha