Monday, May 3, 2010

Case Western Reserve University BME promo video & beatbox track!

Hey check out the youtube vid i just uploaded! My friend and I made this slide-show video since our dept chair was offering $100 for student-made promo video for the new dept website. Totally not worth the actual time it takes to create a good video, but we did it anyway. I spent about 3 hours last night setting up and recording me doing an a capella beatbox song timed to fit the slide transitions. Not the best singing i've ever done but good enough for the amount of time i was willing to spend on this.

Turns out my $100 MXL usb condensor mic isn't loud enough and therefore picks up a bit of noise. I had to use my roommate's recording setup which is a Shure mic into a pre-amp, into the computer. It was much cleaner and louder recording. I guess you can't get around having hardware amplification for recording quality. I'll probably play around with the Sonar (cakewalk) software recording settings a bit to see if i can do some noise filtering and gain adjustments before springing for my own preamp. Also to see if i can tweak the bass level for better "oomph" sounding beats. Also need to see what i can do about the recording delay, it adds up when i'm listen to previous tracks to harmonize with.

Also on my wishlist: a loop recorder for live beatboxing! yeah, what would be pretty sweet. =)

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violachica286 said...

yay I finally saw the video! this was awesome :) definitely lived up to the hype that Nathan gave it!