Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hobby knife refill from Japan... ingenious!

Picked this up from Daiso in SoCal over break.  It's like a $1 store except it's Japanese and everything is $1.50.  And since it's Japanese, everything has a touch of quality or uniqueness or cuteness or utility to it which makes shopping there super addicting.  

Check out this hobby knife re-fill.  It's got a slot for storing your used blades.  MIND BLOWN.  It fills such an obvious and logical need when replacing blades, it just makes sense, you wonder why you don't see that here.  The second item is glue tape, kinda like double sided tape, but in a dispenser like white-out tape.  Neat!  I got it for paper-crafting, since i make a lot of papercraft terrain perhaps this will make it faster.   Can't wait to try it!