Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIP: Painted Castle Ravenloft figures

Instead of the usual friday night foray into the depths of Castle Ravenloft with my gaming friends, we decided to have a miniature painting party instead! and painted up some of the heroes and monsters from the game!

Notably, some artistic license was taken with the female Ranger. It started as a joke but then she got turned into Batwoman, painted by Tonbo of Predators and Prey. Kudos to her considering it's probably her first experience painting miniatures. The batwoman symbol painted on the base is a nice touch!

My hero, the female Rogue, started pretty good, was going for a purple color scheme. In the end i wanted to give it some anime feel, so blue hair it is! But it didn't really match, and combined with the paler-than-normal skin and reddish lipstick, she looks more like a female Joker next to Batwoman. Ah well, at least i got her eyes to look in the same direction. So we got a Batwoman ranger and a Joker rogue, meh i guess that fits. -__-"

My bud and I did the skeletons, simple wash + highlight with different colors just to see how it would look (one black wash, one sepia wash, one both, i think looks best with both). and he did the rats. Nice job on the red rat eyes and tails!


tonbo said...

That was a lot of fun! Thanks for having us over! :D

Mira said...

Awesome. I've started drawing. I got these nice color pencils. It's fun.

Alcidas said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. Good work.