Thursday, March 4, 2010

first post!

That’s right, Monkey’s joined the online world of Blogging! I’ve been inspired by all those miniature painting blogs with their awesome collection of how-to techniques and I was thinking it’s time to give back to the internets with my very own maker blog! But to be successful, you need to have a plan:

Purpose of Blog:
  1. Showcase stuff I’ve made. Not just pictures of painted miniatures, but also posts on gaming theory, cooking attempts, side-projects, life-hacking etc. Also, how-to posts on any project I’ve done which could be considered novel. I guess this blog should primarily be about making stuff, as that is a major part of who I am.
  2. Show my parents what I’m doing. It makes them happy. Obedient and honoring son and proud of it!

Update frequency:
Once a week. Saturday. Be consistant.

Basically, posts should be detailed write-ups of my projects. That means I should have written it out, revised it, added pictures. Kinda like an online lab notebook. No teenaged angst blog here! But maybe a rant here and there to keep things interesting.

Of course, the purpose and content of the blog may change over time, but this is the starting plan. In the end, I just want to document my projects, and this would be a good way to force me to do it cleanly and clearly. Maybe I’ll turn the project collection into a book or something. What a great idea!

Monkey out


Anya said...

Welcome to the blogspot world! I was planning on posting consistently too but have failed miserably since November...

Look forward to trying out your recipes

James said...

I think you misspelled "consistent"